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If you loved your photographer, this is your chance to pour on the praise.

If you have complaints, we can't resolve them for you but recording them here
will help future clients avoid running into the same problems.

We encourage you to first make an attempt to discuss any grievances
directly with your photographer before submitting this form, if only to make
sure that the issue is more than just a simple misunderstanding.

The results of this form will be used to generate a "feedback rating"
for each photographer.

All feedback forms will be reviewed and verified with both the client and
photographer before posting the results.   

** Anonymous submissions will NOT be counted **

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Was your photographer pleasant to work with?   
How did your photographer relate with the other vendors at your event?    
    Rate your photographer's professionalism during the photo session.   
Rate your photographer's business skills (contracts, payments, scheduling, etc.).   
Was your photographer punctual?   
Based on the images you received, rate your photographer's creative and artistic abilities. 
Rate the quality of the finished product.  
Do you feel you got a good value for the money?  
How well did your photographer take direction about what you wanted?  
How did your photographer handle unforeseen emergencies, or problems?  

Personal comments about your experience working with this photographer.

Thank you for your time.

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